Ngee Ann Polytechnic FAQ On Graduation Attire

When can I order the Graduation Attire?

For online order placed after the closing date for Home Delivery service and Self-Collection at campus, you may still complete the online order and collect your graduation attire at least 1½ hour before your ceremony.

Online Order31 May 202031 August 2020
Home Delivery13 April 202031 May 2020


Where can I collect the Graduation Attire?

  1. Graduands can Self-Collect at NP during On-Campus Collection Period or
  2. Graduands can request Home Delivery service at a nominal cost per attire.

Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Blk 72, #02-003B

DATE (2019)22 - 26 APRIL27 APRIL29 - 30 APRIL2 MAY3 & 6 - 9 MAY
DayMonday - FridaySaturdayMonday - TuesdayThursdayDay as graduation Schedule
Time12pm – 7pm10am - 4pm12pm – 7pm12pm – 7pmTiming as graduation Schedule


What must I bring to collect my attire?

To collect your attire, you are required to bring your

  1. Student Matric Card / NRIC


If I cannot collect the Graduation Attire myself, what should I do?

You may authorize a representative to collect it on your behalf or you can use the Home Delivery service as indicated above. The Home Delivery fee is $16.00 (inclusive of GST) per Graduation Attire.

To Authorize a representative, you will need to complete the Authorization Form (Collect), print it and sign it. To collect your attire, the representative must bring:

  1. Authorisation Form (Collect)
  2. Authorised Person’s NRIC
  3. Student Matric Card / NRIC


Can I collect the Graduation Attire before On-Campus Collection Dates?

Yes, you can contact our office to collect your Graduation Attire before 15 April 2019.

Our office:

Achievers Plus
2 Gambas Crescent, #06-17
Nordcom II, Tower 1
Singapore 757044
Telephone: 6778 6089
Operating hours: 10am – 4.30pm (Monday to Fridays)


If I forget to collect my Graduation Attire, are there any make-up arrangements on the Day of Ceremony?

  1. Please go to the Graduation Attire Counter at the Ceremony Venue (Ngee Ann Polytechnic Block 72, #02-003B)
  2. At least 1.5 hour before the start of the Ceremony.
  3. You will be required to make full payment for the attire in Cash.
  4. There will be no guarantee of preferred size availability.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept CASH or NETS payment. We do not accept cheques or credit cards.


When must I return the Graduation Attire?

Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Blk 72, #02-003B

We strongly encourage you to return your Rented Graduation Attire IMMEDIATELY after your Ceremony at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

VenueNgee Ann Polytechnic, Blk 72, #02-003B
Dates (2019)3 May6 - 8 May9 May10 May
DayFridayMonday - WednesdayThursdayFriday
Time10am – 8pm10am – 8pm10am – 6pm1pm - 6pm

If you do not return your Rented Graduation Attire by 12 June 2020, your Rental Deposit will be forfeited.

VenueAchievers Plus Office
2 Gambas Crescent #06-17, Nordcom II, Tower 1, Singapore 757044
Nearest MRTSembawang
Proximity10 minutes walk from Sembawang MRT Station
Dates12 June (Fri) - 15 Sep (Tues) 2020
DayClosed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday
Time10am - 5pm


What must I bring to return my Rental Graduation Attire?

To return your Rental Graduation Attire and collect your Rental Deposit, you are required to bring:-

  1. Your Student Matric Card / NRIC
  2. Your Rental Receipt

Failure to produce this Rental Receipt will result in your Rental Deposit being forfeited.


What if I am unable to return my Rental Graduation Attire personally?

If you are unable to return the Rental Graduation Attire personally, you may authorize someone to return the Attire on your behalf. Such graduands must complete the Authorization Form (Return), print and sign it.

To collect your Rental Deposit, the authorized person must bring:

  1. Authorization Form (Return)
  2. Authorized Person’s NRIC / Passport
  3. Your Student Matric Card / NRIC
  4. Your Rental Receipt

Failure to produce this Rental Receipt will result in your Rental Deposit being forfeited.


What if I damage the Graduation Attire?

A damage levy of $10 upwards will be charged for any damage to the Graduation Attire. Please refer to “Fees for Type of Damages to Attire” below. Your Rental Deposit will be fully refunded if the Graduation Attire is returned in good condition.
Burnt Marks, Holes, Permanent Stains, Torn MaterialDeposit forfeited
Lost Receipt, No ReceiptDeposit forfeited
Late Return of AttireDeposit forfeited
Major AlterationDeposit forfeited
Sharing of Graduation AttireDeposit forfeited
Re-Sewing, Minor Alterations$10.00
Scotch Tape, Glue, Markings, Stains$10.00
Missing: Buttons, Hooks$  1.00


Can I buy the Graduation Attire?

Yes. The Purchase price of the Graduation Attire is  $45.00.


How much is the Rental Fee?

The Rental fee and Deposit of the Graduation Attire is $42.50.


Can I share my Attire?

Strictly No Sharing of Attire. Deposit will be forfeited if caught sharing. We will match Record of Attendees against Rental Record.

What does Height in your Gown Measurement And Size Chart mean?

Your Height means the Measurement from the top of your head to the ground, wearing Shoes. Measurement is in Centimeters.

Graduation Attire Size – Measure & Record Total Height (from head to the floor, with Shoes)

Below 1.5mXXXS (XXX-Small)Temasek Polytechnic - Measurement and Size Chart
1.5m - 1.55mXXS (XX Small)
1.55m - 1.6mXS (X Small)
1.6m - 1.7mS (Small)
1.7m - 1.75mM (Medium)
1.75m - 1.8mL (Large)
1.8m - 1.85mXL (X Large)
1.85 - 1.9mXXL (XX Large)
Above 1.9mXXXL (XXX Large)


If the Graduation Attire does not fit me, can I change it?

All Graduation Attires once checked out, will not be changed. We encourage you to come down to get the correct size during the On-Campus Fitting / Collection (22-27 April & 29-30 April 2019).

Graduands may refer to our Measurement and Size Chart of the Graduation Attires. As stocks are limited, once a size has run out, we can only provide the next nearest size available.


Where can I get more information on the Graduation Attire?

You may wish to contact Achievers Plus, official supplier of graduation attires at:

  1. Telephone: 6778 6089
  2. Operating hours: 10am – 4.30pm (Mondays to Fridays)
  3. Website:
  4. Email:
  5. Tweet us: @NPgown